The it's-amazing-we-fit-over-200-years-of-experience-into-these-tiny-paragraphs story

As a new member of TFI International, we are backed by over 200 years of combined experience and financial strength, while being able to draw on one of the largest transportation and distribution infrastructures in North America.

It's our goal to always put our customers first, ensuring quality of service and range of solutions to exceed your expectations every time. We are a vibrant company that facilitates the safe and efficient movement of your freight across multiple modes to anywhere in North America. Giving you peace of mind by anticipating your unique needs, and providing a wide range of innovative solutions with an unmatched level of service.

We rely on the latest and most sophisticated Transportation Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management tools, and Electronic Data Interchange solutions, to ensure that every shipment we undertake arrives on time and on budget, backed by a level of service and visibility not available anywhere else in the industry.

It's this level of detail and breadth of scope that makes Hyphen different. Big or small, simple or complex, we're confident that we can meet any of your requirements.

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