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HyphenateIt is a practical app designed to provide quick and accurate hyphenation for any text. It's ideal for writers, editors, and students who need to ensure correct word breaks in their documents.

Because it is a word with a single syllable, svelte is not hyphenated.

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Haphenation done based on the Knuth-Liang word-division algorithm. The computed hyphenation pattern is: sve4l4te

Definitions of svelte

svelte is defined as:

Definition 1 as adjective

  • adjective
    Attractively thin; gracefully slender.
  • adjective
    Refined, delicate.

What is hyphenation

Hyphenation is the use of hyphens to join words or parts of words. It plays a crucial role in writing, ensuring clarity and readability.

In compound terms like 'check-in', the hyphen clarifies relationships between words. It also assists in breaking words at line ends, preserving flow and understanding, such as in 'tele-communication'. Hyphenation rules vary; some words lose their hyphens with common usage (e.g., 'email' from 'e-mail'). It's an evolving aspect of language, with guidelines differing across style manuals. Understanding hyphenation improves writing quality, making it an indispensable tool in effective communication.